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View from the cockpit during flyover!


Mount Washington!



The Granite State Sky Riders had a great kick off at the Mount last weekend!   For more info check out the “Joy of Flying” link at the top of this site!

–The ChutesUp Team–

Chaz Thomas solo today!

Congratulations Chaz and have a great time up there in the wild blue adventures you will have in your future!  Hope it’s fantastic!


The Incredible Cardigan Mountain!


Next to Newfound Lake and near the windmills, this is a fantastic mountain to fly over!  Also set to music.  Enjoy!

Beautiful Flight off to the Sandwich Fair!


Hope you like this:

Flying, nothing like it…..


Beautiful flight over Ashland, White Oak Pond, Squam Lake… there’s no words….


2005 Blue Heron For Sale


See it in action here!   Asking price $8500.  This is a beautiful plane!  Contact Carroll Werren 603 491-2811 or email


To the Summit of Stinson Mountain and beyond… 09/27/2015


Flying, Music….. Mountain tops!!!  What more could we ask for!  Enjoy this one with your sound up and large screen!





Beautiful Flight over Stinson Lake!


Music and fun flying over Stinson Lake during the Labor Day Weekend! At some point there was also a sea plane sitting in the middle of the lake with some boater visitors! It was quite a spectacular day and I hope you like this adventure, set to fun music, so turn up the volume and enjoy!


Epic Flight over Welch-Dickey and Beyond…


Took the Eagle up up over (had to visit my brother’s place first hehe… I pretended to be the mad bomber)  …went up over Welch-Dickey Mountain and beyond to see the lovely mountains of Waterville Valley!  Set to lovely music, I hope you enjoy!



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