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Down the Saco River!


Fun flight enjoying the beautiful state of Maine, with music added, on The Granite State Sky Rider’s last day of our fly-in. What a time we all had! Several of us kayaked and canoed down this river stretch with lots of laughs!

Here are some more pictures of the event!   Click on any of these images to view larger.

The Granite State Sky Riders Fly Over Corn Maze!


We took a trip up over the amazing Alice in Freyburg Land themed corn maze during our fly-in at Eastern Slopes Regional Airport.   It was amazing!


The Granite State SkyRiders Take off from Eastern Slopes!


Fly-In at Eastern Slopes, Fryeburg, Maine!

The Granite State Skyriders recently took a trip up to Fryeburg, Maine for a club fly-in at Eastern Slopes Regional Airport. What a time we had!


Here are some of the pictures and also a video clip (sorry it stops short, but just a clip) – enjoy!

Here is a video clip of one of our flights over the big corn fields of Fryeburg!


–The ChutesUp Team–

ChutesUp on The Concord Monitor!


Short video from Sarah Kinney, reporter for The Concord Monitor, who went up with Carroll and us recently!  Crosswinds picked up later, but what fun.  Enjoy!

ASAP Catalog link now available



FYI: If you are interested in buying a new chute!

These are awesome! This one displayed is also an ASAP with custom design. It’s a Mustang 500. Heavy duty, great performance, lots of control! You can now click on the ASAP logo in the ASAP Canopies section to view their catalog and line of products.

Enjoy and Happy Flying All!

–The ChutesUp Team–

Spring is coming! Enlightening Video by Joel Hern


This is a beautiful video put together by Joel Hern after he ventured up and over Mt Washington! He also continued upward that same day to reach the 10,000 mark! Beautifully done Joel, enjoy!

Thank you and happy flying!

–The ChutesUp Team–

Joy of Flying & Facebook Now Back.



Good afternoon!

Facebook and “Joy of Flying” are back up and a-okay.

Keep an eye on the Forsale Area as you may start to see some new aircraft forsale soon!

We  will also be gearing up with local activity soon as the weather warms up.  If you have any articles, pictures or events you would like to contribute, let us know and we can set you up.


–The ChutesUp Team–



Happy Holidays! Welcome to 2015!



Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to think about those after thought presents for those loved ones with the adventurous edge and a love of our gorgeous mountains and lakes!  Valentines day is coming up!  (hint hint)
Be Safe,
–The ChutesUp Team–


Uplifting Video shared by Bill Rowan!


Owasco Airfield Days – 2014

If you haven’t seen this video, (it’s about 14 minutes long) here’s a chance! This is a wonderful video, looking back at a nice flying season, as Bill, his son and a couple of his friends went to this fun fly-in out in Owasco, NY. Sit back and enjoy!



Thank you Bill!
–The ChutesUp Team–

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