Aha it is spring!


Today’s the first day of Spring!

Despite the fact that we’re looking at a foot of snow that just fell last night, it’s fun to look back, and remember those warm days!  Happy Spring everyone!  These are some shots from Plymouth’s 250th birthday celebration taken from my PPC 7/20/2013.  I was invited, and kicked things off with a low fly.   Enjoy!


IMG_3483 IMG_3499 IMG_3506 IMG_3510 IMG_3512 IMG_3555 IMG_3557 IMG_3568 IMG_3593 IMG_3594 IMG_3607

Plymouth, NH's 250th!

Plymouth, NH’s 250th!

Calm Winds…. blue skies everyone! 
The ChutesUp Team-

Happy St. Patricks Day Everyone!


Nothing like thinking of the green. Lucky or not, this is a lovely shot of Plymouth, NH flying over the Pemi River!

Blue Skies, Calm Winds, …… what more could we ask for!
-The ChutesUp Team-

Hehe! It’s almost Spring!


Spring is almost here…

…and you know what that means!


Soon many of us will be taking to the skies, or getting our PPCs ready for the season.   Just a reminder for owners to make sure your registrations and inspections are all up to date.

Site Update

On the Six Chuter’s main page, Doug Maas talks a little about Six Chuter.  Very informative if you are interested in purchasing a PPC.  Also, check out The Airboss page!  Some new videos have been added, if you haven’t seen them already, do take a look!


Very soon we will have calm winds and beautiful skies!    Happy Spring everyone! 

-The ChutesUp Team-

If you would like to contribute articles


Editors welcome!

Once you have created your account and would like to contribute articles and things of interest to the PPC community, just send an email to maxxxieee@gmail.com and we’ll make that happen!

Thanks and and enjoy the site!

The ChutesUp Team


The Granite State Skyriders!

The Granite State Skyriders!


Two very valuable sites



Two new links were created for your convenience!



A great way to study for your FAA exams.


PPC Pilot.com

A great way to check the conditions and airports.


 (These are found in the very top link menu on this site)






Excellent First Flight – a must see!


First Solo Flight!

Here is the video of my son’s solo flight at Plymouth Municipal Airport. Thanks to Carroll for everything.

-Bill Rowan

Fun Clicks and FYIs


If you notice:

This site has a number of areas where you can click that are not marked “–click here–”


  1. If you click on the logo at the top, it will change color and always bring you back to the home page
  2. At the very top of this site is another horizontal menu (shows grey against the dark but lightens up when you mouse over and click.  One of these items is “Reviews and Comments”  and “Used Aircraft For Sale” which is a compilation of the entries in Chutes Up’s previous guestbook and used aircraft for sale.
  3. Some of the Main Menu’s menu bar items are drop downs.  Those top links are alive too.
  4. There is another hidden link that lights up above the posts  This will bring you to either the previous post, or the next, depending on which side you are looking.


Chutes Up: Moving forward


Latest News from Chutes Up Site Development


Chutes up is expanding!

Currently Chutes Up has most everything it had on the previous site.  The one thing that was missing was the “For Sale” use aircraft and equipment section, which now resides at the very top left hand corner of the logo heading and those guest book entries which also now resides up there.

Soon to come, an online store!

We are currently preparing to bring on an online store!  Our items will appear in the store, providing more information to the buyer, and gives the seller a fair advantage as they get to show off pictures and specification sheets in the descriptions.

If, for any reason you do see this store and see the words “demo” or “testing” do not buy these items!  We’ll be developing the store today (01/20/2013) throughout the week so you may see links to the store which state “demo” which are just for testing.

When it is ready, we’ll make the announcement!  In the meantime, feel free to go in and play if you see “demo” as it will help us to test.

Thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy the site!


The Chutes Up Team

New Chutes Up Site Look and Feel


Chutes Up is being updated to a whole new look and feel.


Please be patient while we continue to import the old information onto this new site.  There may be some bumps along the way, but in the end it will all be worth it.  I hope you enjoy your stay and we look forward to getting most of this site back up and fully functional in the next day or so.

Enjoy your visit and don’t be afraid to browse around!


The Chutes up Team

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