Latest News from Chutes Up Site Development


Chutes up is expanding!

Currently Chutes Up has most everything it had on the previous site.  The one thing that was missing was the “For Sale” use aircraft and equipment section, which now resides at the very top left hand corner of the logo heading and those guest book entries which also now resides up there.

Soon to come, an online store!

We are currently preparing to bring on an online store!  Our items will appear in the store, providing more information to the buyer, and gives the seller a fair advantage as they get to show off pictures and specification sheets in the descriptions.

If, for any reason you do see this store and see the words “demo” or “testing” do not buy these items!  We’ll be developing the store today (01/20/2013) throughout the week so you may see links to the store which state “demo” which are just for testing.

When it is ready, we’ll make the announcement!  In the meantime, feel free to go in and play if you see “demo” as it will help us to test.

Thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy the site!


The Chutes Up Team