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The Mustang Series
The Thunderbolt Series

If you are interested – Please contact: Carroll Werren:


  • Dale (11 months)

    hi Carroll I have a 2seat buckeye with a chiron chute [not sure of size] however i would guess a 400. I would possibly have intrest in a 500 im looking for a slower,stabler chute. do you have anything used?

  • Jordan graaf (3 years)

    Im looking for a 400 canopy. What are your prices on those?

    • Chutes Up (3 years)

      Good morning!

      Please call Carroll Werren at 603 491-2811 or you can gmail him at for more information.

      Thank you!
      –The ChutesUp Team–

  • Manuel I. Cavazos (3 years)

    will you give me prices on a 500 and 550 rectangular canopy. thanks, Manuel.

    • Chutes Up (3 years)

      Call Carroll Werren T 603 491-2811.

      –the ChutesUp Team–

  • Chutes Up (3 years)

    thanks for the request. If they are single seats I would like to see you in the mustang 380, if two seat the mustang 500. Both are excellent chutes. Let me know if i can price one for you.


  • greg morgan (3 years)


    my name is greg morgan my wife and i have 2 ppc they are raptors built by southern air powered parachutes mine has a thunderbolt E340 and my wifes has a rectangular wing, my instructor advises me not to fly with the thunderbolt E340 till i have alot more hours up, so i have to purchase another rectangular wing. Can you give me a price of a rectangular wing which you think will be best. I live in Western Australia South of Perth. My mobile is 0400282720 if you would like to chat with me.

    Greg Moragn

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