Discovery Flights

Discovery Flights


Simply the safest, most fun way to experience the thrill of flying!


Coasting along on a chair in the open sky, a brightly colored parachute filled with air above you and beneath you is the diverse and ever-changing terrain of fields, roads, streams, and mountains of New Hampshire.


On discovery flights, after a thorough pre-flight check, you sit behind the pilot and buckle into a harness. Once the take-off area is cleared, the instructor will call out “Clear Prop!” before adding throttle to the engine which will start the aircraft on a forward roll. With increasing speed, the parachute inflates overhead, and gently lifts the aircraft into the sky.


  •  Unobstructed view from above of terrain and wildlife
  •  Nothing to do but sit back and enjoy the view and take some pictures
  •  Your pilot is a Certified Flight Instructor for powered parachutes with many years of aviation experience


What’s included

Equipment including radio helmets, FAA certified flight instructor, clothing appropriate for weather conditions.



Year-round, weather permitting. Mon–Sat 9:00am-5:00pm. (Note: the best flying is in the early morning or late afternoon during warm weather months).



(See flight and training costs under Training)



20–30 minutes


Driving distance

1hr. 30min. from Boston, MA

40 minutes from Nashua, NH



This experience is for one participant at a time.



Prior reservation is required.


What to bring

Comfortable clothing, sunglasses, camera.


Good to know

The best flying is in the early morning or late afternoon during warm weather months, and on a clear evening it’s possible to see the Boston skyline, more than 60 miles away.

If you are interested, contact Carroll Werren, (603) 491-2811


  • Scott Hurd (8 months)

    I’m interested in a introductory flight sometime this summer. Your reviews look great and you are the closest one to me ,so I wouldn’t have to travel to far. Please send me some info so we can make it happen.
    Thank you,
    Scott Hurd

  • Frank de Bem (8 years)

    Hi Carroll, I am very interested in learning to fly a powered parachutes. Rob
    Wimpory said you where a great instructor. Please let me know what I have to do.
    I live in Hancock, NH

    Best Regards

    Frank de Bem

    • Chutes Up (8 years)

      Good morning!

      Your message was forwarded to Carroll’s email If you want, you can also call him at 603 491-2811.


      –The ChutesUp Team–

  • Charles Kirk (9 years)

    I am interested in a flight. Where are you located?

    • Chutes Up (9 years)

      Good afternoon Charles, it is lots of fun! You can call Carroll Werren at 603.491.2811 or email for where takeoff when and where times may take place.

      Thank you,
      –The ChutesUp Team–

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