Used Aircraft For Sale

2006 Buckeye Legal Eagle

Single-seat- empty weight 230 lbs.

$5000.00 firm, cash only
Color yellow
Height: 83” Length: 96” Width: 75”
503 Rotax, dual carbs, oil injected (total hours 48.1)
Engine fogged and muffler and carbs plugged at end of each season
400 sq. ft. Barnstormer Performance Chute (excellent condition)
Chute mirror and gopro, gps and radio ram mounts
Ditty bag and saddle bags
Mechanical brake
Comtronics helmet, headset and push-to-talk button and icom radio
Ceramic-coated muffler
New fuel pump, spark plugs and primer
Prop guard and faring
Bolt-on weight for light weight pilots
Reduction gear box has new oil in it
Oil, extra parts and T trailer included
If interested contact: Joyce Sheridan P.O. Box 44
New Sharon, Me 04955 207-778-3191

Red one for sale

2017 legend xl 3 hours…nothing on chute pd 500 sunrider
Ontario…Darcy   519 488 5265

Six Chuter

For information contact Richard at (253) 569-1700


This has a 52 horse Rotex motor and is in good condition. It was been stored for the last several years.   Asking $4000 for it.
If interested, please contact Carroll Werren at (603) 491-2811


2 sets of skis never used $300 per set or $500 for the 2 sets plus shipping.
Contact Carroll Werren at (603) 491-2811

Six Chuter

Asking $12,000
For more information contact Carroll Werren (603) 491-2811

*If you have anything PPC to sell, and would like to have it advertised here, you can contact Carroll Werren:(603) 491-2811
–The ChutesUp Team–




  • Stayley wetmore (4 months)

    I have a t-trailer for sale.It is in real good condition.

  • BOB oUSTECKY (2 years)


  • Johnny Conch (2 years)

    I’m looking for a Paraplane WD with 447 Rotax and Hi-Pro chute

    • Pam (2 years)

      Six Chuter, two seater SR7 xl, sunriser chute, blue, low hours. Custom made Wells Cargo trailer with aerodynamic front also available

  • Pat. Schm (2 years)

    I am still looking for a power par chute if it got a 912 great I am in Wisconsin …….would like to see the pictures if you have any.
    Thanks…… Pat

  • Mark Cannon (2 years)

    I’m looking for a 2 seater , low hours and trailer combo.

    • Bill (2 years)

      Mark, I’m selling a Six Chuter for my dad that has 2 seats and 22 hours on an engine rebuild with a custom trailer if interested?

      • Ric (2 years)

        Details, location, equipment, pictures?

    • Hal Bradstreet (2 years)

      I have a Fusion 2-place powered chute for sale
      Email me for details and price

    • Randy Root (1 year)

      I have a Powrachute Pegasus for sale, beautiful and maintained by Powrachute through its lifetime (they are a Michigan company). only 30 minute of flying since annual, and total chute maintainable done at the same time as the annual. Upgraded seats and harnesses. Trailer is tall, so no need to tilt plane to get it into the trailer, plus it is fitted with a power winch for easy loading

      • Stacy Perry (1 year)

        Hi Randy is your machine still for sale?

      • Gilbert (11 months)

        Hi Randy do you still have a ppc for sale

  • DANIEL Christadoss (2 years)

    Looking for a 103 PPC in the South Bend Indiana area.

    • John (2 years)

      I have a sky rascal single seat for sale with custom aluminum trailer …..

      • Michael Frye (2 years)

        need pic. price and where thanks.

      • Eric (1 year)

        Did you find a buyer? If not let me know. Thanks 940-312-3947 Eric

      • Mike Isbell (8 months)

        Still have it? Pix, price, location, more details

      • Dennis (5 months)

        did you sell it Dennis

  • Patrick Schmidt (2 years)

    I am looking for a 2 seater if possible PPC, It can be a sixchouther or what ever rotax 582 or even 913 ?.
    If any one can help me out great, I’m in Wisconsin and travel is no problem

    Thanks. ……….Pat

    • GARY SLINKARD (2 years)

      patrick; i have a destiny 2000 ppc im thinking about selling. its hot neon pink with 3 chutes that go with it, 2 -500 sq. ft. and 1- 550 sq. ft. thats been in the air only once. i have lyny headsets and helmets as well as intercom system. there is a 2018 interstate v-nose trailer to go with it as well. with lots of ppc decals on it. i have tons of stuff to go with package. 12 years of accumulating stuff for it. i even have a front ski for it if winter flying. cover for it extra prop and hub nuts and bolts fuel line primers ect. also just added a smoker kit on it and its awesome.. 15,000 for all located in central michigan. thanks gary

      • craig neubauer (3 months)

        wondering if you still have the 550 chute….would be interested in buying as mine is pretty old….

    • Rick (2 years)

      Are you still looking for a machine?

  • Gerard Stokes (3 years)

    Does anyone know if there are any powered parachute instructors in the western New York area?

    • BOB oUSTECKY (2 years)


  • Jerry (3 years)

    I am looking for someone in the eastern Nebraska area to give me an into flight. I am a private pilot, with instrument and commercial. I would like to get into something a bit cheaper to fly. Thanks for the help.

  • Steve Hamlin (3 years)

    I’m looking for a package with a two seater enclosed trailer and all the necessary gear to get set up. Ready to buy. I live in Oregon but I’m willing to travel to find a good deal.

    • JoeEggert (3 years)

      Hi Steve! If you are still interested in a package with a two seater and enclosed trailer, you might want to take a look at my 2002 Six Chuter which I just listed on the ChutesUp. I am also offering to deliver and have a discounted training option. I use to fly this PPC in Washington State, so its use to weather in the NW. :>) LOL Let me know if you have any questions. 512-909-0915 Joe

      • Steve Hamlin (3 years)

        Hi Joe

        What part of Washington did you fly that six shooter?
        Are you still in the Northwest? What was the price on that six shooter and trailer combine?

    • Charlie (3 years)

      Are you still looking for a PPC plane? Mine will be up for sale soon.
      Charlie, CA 925 997-3600

      1998 Sixchuter N number 100 HP. Clean custom machine.

    • Don Siravo (3 years)

      I have a 2001 PC2000 in great condition with trailer and second chute N numbered.

      • Tom Riffe (2 years)

        Don-Are you going to retire from the PPC scene? Sorry to learn about this situation. Any interest in your PC2000?

    • Bob Gonzalez (2 years)

      Steve, I have a 2000 (Year) PC 2000 Powrachute for sale. It has less than 50 hours on a rebuilt Blue Head 582 Rotax engine. Everything is in good condition. If you like I can send you some photos. Please advise.


      • Greg White (2 years)

        Good morning Bob. I’d be interested in your plane for sale. I’m looking to get into the sport. Look forward to hearing from you. Greg 503-317-5788

  • Bob Oustecky (4 years)

    Hi Carroll: I was wondering whatis the price for the DCSI and is it 103 eligible?
    Thank you

    • Chutes Up (4 years)

      Your message was sent to Carroll at Thanks!

      —The ChutesUp Team-

    • Carroll (4 years)

      Not 103

  • Chuck Kovacs (4 years)


    I have a PC2 – which is easy to ship. It’s always been in the garage. The chutes are in excellent condition. The engines need work – (left side is OK, the right was always hard to start).. Someone with more engine knowledge than I have would be the answer.

    (This message forwarded to Carroll directly. )

    • Chutes Up (4 years)

      Your message was forwarded to Carroll at Thank you!

      —The ChutesUp Team—-

  • Aviad atoon (5 years)

    What is the price for the airwolf? The engine is 80 or 100 hp. What included? Where it located?

    • Bobby Wiley (4 years)

      Normally 35-40 thousand

    • Bobby Wiley (4 years)

      They’re 100 hp and they usually run 35-40 grand. You can buy a nice 2 seater with a lot of bells n whistles for 10 grand used and around 18-20 grand for a brand new one.

    • Harry W. Budge (3 years)

      My 2016 Airwolf cost $39999.00, loaded. Every possible upgrade. After that some cool stuff from Bear Perkins. The most important advantage of the Airwolf is the four stroke, 100 HP engine. 2500 hrs. factory recommended TBO! Unfortunately, the 503 and 582 Rotax are both 300 hrs. factory recommended TBO. I hope this helps.

  • Robert Van Valzah (5 years)

    The little red single seater you have for sale is a 1993 buckeye eagle. Jerry flipped the engine over. I put the bigger wheel front on. I put in the upgraded angled main landing gear. Has upgraded riser mounts with new risers because old ones were cable. Ppc was faster then any other ppc I ever flew with. Engine had about 20 hours on it when I sold it.

    • Bobby Wiley (4 years)

      They’re 100 hp and they usually run 35-40 grand. You can buy a nice 2 seater with a lot of bells n whistles for 10 grand used and around 18-20 grand for a brand new one.

  • rc cars (6 years)

    Fascinating write-up that got me double thinking things. Thanks!

  • Simon Ebbers (7 years)

    Thank you for this blog.

  • Ed PenDyke (7 years)

    Hi Carrol.
    We spoke a few weeks ago and you gave me KEVIN Rittons name to try a discovery flight
    We did…. I’m HOOKED

    Looking to purchase a good 2 seater and a price that will allow me to get into the sport and not break the bank

    I’m looking for a full package. Ready to fly

    Please let me know if you hear of anything

    • Bobby Wiley (4 years)

      They’re 100 hp and they usually run 35-40 grand. You can buy a nice 2 seater with a lot of bells n whistles for 10 grand used and around 18-20 grand for a brand new one. I have a nice E drive 65hp rotax with 130 hrs that I’m selling with 12 ft enclosed trailer with many bells n whistles. I can teach you to fly it safely with 5-7 days training which is included in the price which is 14 thousand firm.

  • Johnny Conch (7 years)

    Are you going to be listing any more used powered parachutes?

    Yes, quite likely! Keep in tuned for the next ones coming up!

  • Chutes Up (7 years)

    Contact Carroll Werren at 603 491-2811 or you can email him at

    –The ChutesUp Team–

  • Charles williams (7 years)

    Where are these located and what is the price of the buckeye?

    • Chutes Up (7 years)

      Hello and good morning! You can call Carroll Werren at 603 491-2811 or email him at

      –The ChutesUp Team–

  • Johnny (7 years)

    is that an Infinity with the enclosed trailer? any more info?

    • Chutes Up (7 years)

      Hello and good morning! If you need more info contact Carroll Werren at 603 491-2811 or you can email him at

      –The ChutesUp Team–

  • Saysban (8 years)

    Hello ,
    I need more details please about this powered parachute .


    • Chutes Up (8 years)

      Contact Carroll Werren At or call 603 491-2811

      –The ChutesUp Team–

  • Skynyr (8 years)


  • Skynyr (8 years)

    Is this Six Chuter still for sale ?

    • Chutes Up (8 years)

      Yes. You can call Carroll Werren at 491-2811 or email him at Thanks!

  • Chutes Up (9 years)

    Thank you Sergio, please contact Carroll Werren, or you can call him at 603 491-2811.

  • Sergio Veneziani (9 years)

    I would be interested in buying only Lynx Helmet with carry bag and Headset with 2 place intercom and Icom radio adapter.

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