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New England’s Dealer for Six Chuter Powered Parachutes


Chutes Up Powered Parachutes is a full-service powered parachute sales and training company. We offer the full line of Six Chuter powered parachutes, and are the exclusive dealer for New England.

We offer:

    • Fully qualified FAA Sport Pilot CFI (Certified Flight Instructor)
    • Complete training curriculum from start to finish for Sport Pilot certificates
    • N-numbered powered parachutes for training
    • LYNX headset/helment/intercom communication systems


We are located in beautiful southern New Hampshire, and provide training in a low-traffic, grass turf airfield, where all skills necessary to become a safe and competent flyer are taught. If you are interested, contact Carroll Werren, (603) 491-2811










  • Matthew R Jones (4 years)

    I am interested in getting my sport pilot certificate PPC and was hoping I could get more information on your training such as costs and how many days it takes? I live in Alabama so I would have to travel and train full time. I would also need to purchase a PPC.


    Matt Jones

  • Monica Blair (8 years)

    Can you send me the information about the bi-plane tours over Lake Winn? We chatted about it last night at the hardware store. Thx!

  • Sambing (9 years)

    Seems so joyfull, we have one life and should live it as good as it can be.

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