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Part 103 Ultralight Training

If you fly a “true ultralight,” there is technically no medical, no training, and no medical currency requirement whatsoever! A Part 103 Ultralight is an aircraft that is a single seat, weighs less than 254 pounds, and has a gas tank not exceeding 5 gallons, among other criteria. The SP103 from Six Chuter falls into this category. Your Certified Flight Instructor will register graduates of their solo program as EAA or ASC Student Pilots. This isn’t mandatory, but it documents and recognizes the training that has been completed to fly the Part 103 Ultralight. If you stick with the one seat powered parachute this is as far as your training ever needs to go, and is the way we recommend people go that will be flying exclusively by themselves.

Part 103 Student Pilot Requirements

    • Must be 16 years old to solo and register as student with the EAA, ASC, or USUA
    • Testing-Written pre solo and oral test
    • Privileges-Solo with instructor endorsement
    • Duration-Valid until you earn the pilot certification
    •  Fee-Free to EAA members and non-members. $5 fee for ASC


All pilots who want to fly a two-seat “Light Sport Aircraft” will need to receive training from an FAA Certified Flight Instructor, and earn their FAA Sport Pilot Certificate.


Training Pricing:


20-Minute Introductory Training Flight or Gift Certificate

Includes an approximate 20 minute flight with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor for Powered Parachutes. This is the best way to learn if you are interested in this sport and is refundable if you decide to take the pilot training course.

Personalized Gift Certificates can be redeemed for the introductory training flight and are the perfect gift for the person in your life that has always dreamed about flight. You can order by telephone.



1 Hour Flight Training or Gift Certificate

This is the hourly training rate that includes the aircraft, fuel, and Certified Flight Instructor for Powered Parachutes. This is loggable training time that can be applied towards your Sport Pilot or Private Pilot license for powered parachutes. Includes pre- and post-flight briefings. This is also a great way to learn about the sport as a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the sky.

Personalized Gift Certificates can be redeemed for one full hour of flight training with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) for powered parachutes. You can order by telephone.



1 Hour Ground Training or Gift Certificate

This is the hourly ground training rate by a Certified Flight Instructor for non-flying and other non-engine use activities.

Personalized Gift Certificates can be redeemed for one full hour of ground training with a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) for powered parachutes. You can order by telephone.



Sport Pilot Training Package

This covers the mandated 12 hours of training, plus any additional hours required for the student to become competent, confident, and safe, along with aircraft rental. Topics covered include ground handling and taxiing, aircraft pre-flight, chute layout and inflation techniques, in-flight handling characteristics (turns, climbs, descents, crabs), landing techniques, ground reference maneuvers, traffic pattern instruction, and more.



Biennial Flight Reviews

Every two years, pilots need to have a flight review in order to stay current with their license. This is an opportunity to spend time with an instructor learning about changes in the rules and brushing up on basic flight skills. The FAA minimum requirement is 1 hour of ground training and 1 hour of flight training. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but that will probably only be on some of the ground training. In any case, $175 covers all of the costs of the flight review.

$175 ($125 using your plane)


Pilot Proficiency Tests

These are for private pilots that want to pick up the additional privilege of powered parachute sport pilot or certified flight instructor sport pilot. Administered by a Powered Parachute FAA Certified Flight Instructor (requires appropriate training and recommendation from another Powered Parachute CFI prior to testing)






  • Simon Capron (4 years)

    Hey there do you guys happen to offer fixed-wing ultralight training Or is there anyone in the area who does thanks

  • Nick Awan (5 years)


    I am interested in your ‘Sports Pilot training package’. Your website is very detailed and provided me with all the answers.
    Still, I would like to visit your place and check it out, and discuss further.

    Is it possible for me to visit this Saturday (4/27/2019) in the morning/early afternoon?

    Thank you,

  • film izle (7 years)

    Thank you very useful information

  • Jeff (8 years)

    I got my start in Ultralights almost 20 years ago, but now I am a private pilot and CFI-S. I teach down in CT. I come up to NH periodically to visit family. I’m interested in learning how to fly the single seat chutes under Part 103. Though I may be interested in taking it further down the road since I already have the PPL and CFI-S. What are your hourly rates?

    • Chutes Up (8 years)

      Please contact Carroll Werren at 603 491-2811 Thank you!

      –The ChutesUp Team–

    • Mick (7 years)

      Where in CT do you instruct ?

      • Chutes Up (7 years)

        He can be reached by emailing or you can call at (603) 491-2811.

        Thanks and happy flying!

  • nate (9 years)

    How many hours of training does it normally take to get to fly solo?

    • Chutes Up (9 years)

      Thank you for your inquiry and interest in flying!

      To answer your question, that depends on what you want to fly, a single seat or a 2 seater. If you want to fly single seat, then in a few lessons you can be up and flying, depending on your learning style. A 2 seater requires you to take the written and practical exams along with the flight instruction. That is more involved because it requires the operator to obtain a sports pilot license. ….to fly a 2 seater and take up passengers.

      Thanks and hope this is something you wish to do! If so, call 603 491-2811 and ask for Carroll.

      –The ChutesUp Team–

  • tek taş (9 years)

    Cost and how far in advance can these flights be booked? Trying to plan Summer activities. Is there a weight limit?

    • Chutes Up (9 years)

      These really can’t be booked in advanced that easily. Flying these depends highly on the weather and up here it sometimes shifts from the weather reports. A few days in advance might be doable, but even then, the weather could shift on us.

      As far as weight limit, safely, these can carry about 5-600lbs combined weight of pilot and passenger total, depending on the machine. I like to keep mine around a comfortable limit of about 400lbs.

      I guess the best thing would be if you are in the area, show up at the airport and if you see us, come on over. We welcome visitors!

      You can also call Carroll Werren at 603 491-2811.


      –the ChutesUp Team–

  • Joe Ryan (9 years)


    When will you be in Plymouth again? I wish to take the 1 hour training to see if I like the sport or not

    Thank you- Joe

    • Chutes Up (9 years)

      We fly, weather permitting, almost every weekend in Plymouth. Feel free to come on over if you see us! Carroll’s number is 603 491 2811.

  • Laurie R. Cote (10 years)

    Interested in 20 minute Intro flight and wondering if can double it up for 40 minute flight for a taste of this sport? Cost and how far in advance can these flights be booked? Trying to plan Summer activities. Is there a weight limit?

    • Chutes Up (10 years)

      Contact Carroll Werren at phone 603 491-2811

      Thanks! Happy flying! 🙂

  • Bill Buettner (10 years)

    I would to do the sport pilot training. Could you tell me total cost and local lodging.

    • The Chutes Up Team (10 years)

      Good afternoon Bill,

      The costs can be found under the Services and Training area. For the full training, it would be
      $2500 for the Sport Pilot Training package

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      Hope this helps!


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