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Six Chuter Legend Tandems


The Six Chuter Legend XL Sport is an entrance level two-seat light sport aircraft. It is designed on a strong single extruded aluminum spar topped with a lightweight deck. The Legend is built to be stronger, lighter and better performing than most other powered parachutes. The Sport Series is designed with economy in mind and is perfect for moderate sized pilots and flying conditions The Legend SE comes as a sub-assembled kit designed to meet the requirements for certification an ELSA light sport aircraft. The kits are complete with virtually everything an owner requires to take to the air. This is

not a stripped down model.


The Six Chuter Legend XL Deluxe is perhaps our best performing and most cost-effective aircraft that we have ever offered. The DE is equipped with the powerful

Rotax 582 65 h.p. Engine. The DE avoids the extra weight and cost associated with an electric start system, yet equipped with an engine primer, the owner will find one pull starts the norm. The DE is a fully equipped deluxe two-seater with full engine instrumentation system by Grand Rapids, turf tires, and Performance Designs Canopy standard with over-sized stuff sack and line socks included. The standard kit is designed to be assembled by the average builder in approximately 40 hours.


The Six Chuter Legend XL Ultra is the top of the line in the industry. It comes standard with the Rotax 582 65 h.p. Engine and the heavy duty E gearbox with built in electric start system. The XL comes with everything you need to build a great looking, and awesome performing powered parachute. Adding the optional front bars and custom colored wheels and upholstery will result in a show aircraft that will win prizes at air shows or competitions. The XL Special Edition comes with a special gear reduction of 3.47:1 to drive a five-blade powerfin prop. Then we add an after muffler system. The result is one of the smoothest and quietest powered parachutes on the market. With custom wheels and upholstery you will have an aircraft like none of the others.


The Six Chuter Legend XL4 was designed to satisfy the pilot-owner whose primary goal is the reliability of a fourstroke engine. Six Chuter has chosen the HKS 700 E for its reliability and value. This 60 h.p. Engine is incredibly quiet and smooth operating, and boasts an 800 time between overhaul, virtually twice that of comparable twostroke

engines. And with an estimated fuel consumption of about two gallons per hour you can expect up to five hours of flight time on a standard tank of fuel! We have added a standard five-blade powerfin prop to boost the thrust of this package so that performance is as close as possible to what you might expect from a two cycle 65 h.p. Engine. The XL4 also utilizes the Stratomaster Extreme engine information system. We also offer the XL4 with the more powerful Rotax 912 UL (80 H.P.) or the top of the line Rotax 912 ULS (100 H.P.).












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